Phoenix Metro Market Update

As we enter 2015, stability is the name of the game. All signs are out there; price adjustment normalization, healthier inventory, economic growth and a trustable mortgage industry. Even though speculation will always be a significant factor in a real estate buying and selling decision, the risk is lower now than it has been in the past 10 years. Low interest rates, new FHA low mortgage insurance premium rates, low distressed properties sales, and other factors are setting the stage for buyers and sellers to engage in a healthy housing market. Buyers, things to look for; self-sound mortgage products, primary vs. investment homes, new built vs. re-sale, and a decisive buying attitude. Sellers look up for; price flexibility, commitment to sell under contingencies, re-investment strategy, and net sale goals. This year provides a promising and a very optimistic real estate horizon, and despite of what skeptics might say about the economy stability, is time to trust the housing market again, and invest safely and comfortably. Rod Moreno, broker/owner, Real Estate Plus USA