College Graduate Buyers




We understand that life after college everything is new and without sufficient experience to assess the future. The good news is with proper guidance and information we can help you to get you first house whether it’s a condo, townhouse or a single detached home. There are some financing programs that could help you achieve this goal. Aspects such as the right financing, the right property and the right real estate agent are critical to accomplished this particular goal.

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The Right Financing

There are several mortgage programs available to first time and college grads buyers, depending on the credit report and history, income levels and debt ratios. Which one is the best for you? What you need to do first is the following:

  • Get the services of a creditable, honorable and knowledgeable Mortgage Loan Consultant. Loan officers will advise you about the best options available based on your credit scores and history, current income and debt.
  • Make sure that every single aspect of the loan program is explained to you at its best. This information should include all terms and conditions of the loan (type of interests rates, terms, penalties, closing costs, etc.)
  • Get a good faith estimate from your Mortgage Loan Consultant and make sure you understand how all the numbers are generated.
  • Once you understand all the terms and conditions of the loan program you decide to choose, provide all the right information to the Mortgage Loan Consultant, so the loan process can get started and be ready for a loan pre-qualification.
  • Once you have gotten the loan pre-qualification you are ready start looking for your dream house.

The Right Property

As a first time homebuyer, you need to know what property is most convenient to you based on your current financial situation, and what your future plans are ahead. There are a few aspects you should consider when buying a house:

  • Location: Where the property is located is a key factor. Easy access to freeways, shopping malls, schools, restaurants, downtowns, country clubs or sport facilities. Remember location brings most value to residential properties.
  • Geographic areas: Hills, lakes or any kind of reserved land next to the property will bring solid value to the property.
  • Property taxes: This aspect is important as some properties appreciate higher than others depending on location and county property assessment value. Remember, the higher the appreciation the higher the property taxes.
  • Builders, year of built, subdivisions amenities, upgrades, and land use are also factors of value enhancements to properties.

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The Right Broker/Real Estate Agent

In the past 6 years the number of real estate agents have decreased considerably due to the housing and mortgage crisis. This situation has strengthen those real estate professionals who strategically adapted to unstable market conditions and strived in such scenario. A good and experienced agent will always be a performer and a busy real estate professional. Choosing the right agent is critical important when looking for a property. What should you look for a real estate agent when looking for your house?

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At REAL ESTATE PLUS USA, we have agents that will exceed your expectations as well as the quality of service we provide. Our agents are carefully selected and personally trained by the president of the Company, Rod Moreno who has an extensive knowledge in the real estate industry as well as in the business world.

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